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We believe in Pilates is a path way to a healthier way of life. Here we share healthy recipes, expert advice, and exercise hacks to guide you on your way.

Pilates Instructor at Club Pilates helping member

If you want to get the most out of your Pilates sessions and see real results, learning from a certified Pilates instructor is key. Our instructors undergo intensive training and education before they can lead a class or private training session, and this extensive training helps them work with you to achieve your fitness goals. Here's why...

5 Foods to Include in Your Diet for Better Pilates Classes - close up of bowl with fruits

Achieving wellness is a combination of daily, healthy-living practices - and this includes ensuring your diet contains the right food groups to provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive. Here are five of the best foods to include in your diet if you want to see better results from your Pilates workouts.

What is Suspension Training in Pilates? - Pilates instructor in Suspend Class

Suspension training is a type of training that uses suspension straps. We incorporate this into our Suspend Classes. Find out more here!

Why More Men are Starting Pilates - Club Pilates instructor helping male member in studio

More men than ever are starting Pilates classes. But why? What about Pilates is attracting more men to this popular exercise? Find out...

How to Create Healthy Fitness Habits through Winter - Club Pilates group Pilates Class

Join Club Pilates' 90-day Fitness Challenge to develop healthy fitness habits this winter! Sign up - you could win a month of free classes!

Pilates Core: How a Stronger Core Improves Daily Living - instructor at Club Pilates helping member

It's important to work on your Pilates core – for improved performance in your local Pilates class and better overall health and wellbeing...