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We believe in Pilates is a path way to a healthier way of life. Here we share healthy recipes, expert advice, and exercise hacks to guide you on your way.

Pilates Exercises - Pilates instructor at Club Pilates with member

While balance and flexibility may not be on your top-5 list of reasons to try Pilates, enhancing these capabilities provide enormous day-to-day benefits that you may not have considered before!

How to Maintain a Fitness Routine During Stressful Times - interior of Club Pilates studio

If you maintain a fitness routine during stressful times, you can help decrease the effects of stress and will feel better! Read more...

Advanced Pilates Sippy Downs - Club Pilates studio with male members using advanced Pilates refomer

There are activities we engage in daily that contribute to back pain - but Pilates can help! Here are 3 things you do that cause back pain...

5 Ways to Add More Soluble Fibre to Your Diet - woman holding tray of vegetables and fruit

Soluble fibre offers a number of benefits that you could start taking advantage of at any time. Here are 5 ways to increase your intake...

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Any Pilates Class - Pilates instructor with Club Pilates member

Exercising through Pilates? We'll help you enjoy the full Pilates experience - here are 5 ways to get the most out of any Pilates class!

Pilates Equipment for Strength and Stamina - members of Club Pilates using Pilates equipment

Understanding the basics of Pilates can help you make an informed choice about your workout methods and routines. Learn about Pilates...