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We believe in Pilates is a path way to a healthier way of life. Here we share healthy recipes, expert advice, and exercise hacks to guide you on your way.

How to Maintain a Fitness Routine During Stressful Times - interior of Club Pilates studio

If you maintain a fitness routine during stressful times, you can help decrease the effects of stress and will feel better! Read more...

Advanced Pilates Sippy Downs - Club Pilates studio with male members using advanced Pilates refomer

There are activities we engage in daily that contribute to back pain - but Pilates can help! Here are 3 things you do that cause back pain...

5 Ways to Add More Soluble Fibre to Your Diet - woman holding tray of vegetables and fruit

Soluble fibre offers a number of benefits that you could start taking advantage of at any time. Here are 5 ways to increase your intake...

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Any Pilates Class - Pilates instructor with Club Pilates member

Exercising through Pilates? We'll help you enjoy the full Pilates experience - here are 5 ways to get the most out of any Pilates class!

Pilates Equipment for Strength and Stamina - members of Club Pilates using Pilates equipment

Understanding the basics of Pilates can help you make an informed choice about your workout methods and routines. Learn about Pilates...

Pilates Exercises for Balance and Flexibility - Club Pilates members practicing Pilates with the magic circle

Stretching is important! If you're practicing Pilates, here are five stretches to warm up to before your next session - and why stretching is so important!