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Try a mat Pilates class at Club Pilates – it’s the perfect place to start your Pilates journey! Unlike some of the other class types we offer at our studios, mat classes require little else besides you, your mat, and our trained Pilates instructors. What’s more, if you’ve not tried Pilates before, we offer a range of beginner-friendly classes incorporating the mat that will help you understand and master the Pilates principles.

Club Pilates class types cater to experience level, and we encourage any newbies to the Pilates lifestyle to ease into it with mat Pilates classes: by initially focusing on precise movement, controlled breathing, and becoming familiar with your body weight and strength, taking on a more difficult class later on (using equipment like the reformer or TRX) will have you feeling more prepared.

Regardless of whether you’re using the reformer, the Magic Circle, or just your mat, you can look forward to a workout that tones your body, strengthens your muscles, and improves your mental health! We offer our members a selection of mat Pilates class packages, allowing you to tailor your workout schedule to suit you better. 

The Mat Workout

Mat Pilates class exercises is what most Pilates for beginners classes begin with. Unlike the reformer or TRX exercises, the mat workout doesn’t require any additional equipment or apparatuses. However, this doesn’t mean that mat Pilates exercises are easy – many people who try Pilates for the first time on a mat still have to learn and adapt to the techniques used during Pilates exercises.

The basis of Pilates is a focus on the muscles that support the skeleton, and in particular, those that support the spine. Working your core muscles will undoubtedly lead to better posture, decreased back pain or aches, improved blood flow and circulation, and a decreased chance of injury – as well as improved overall physical and mental health!

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Follow these principles to maximise your results:

Mastering these principles will help you see greater results from your Pilates workouts. Get a free intro class now!

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Local Mat Pilates Classes

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. It is practiced worldwide, focusing on mind-body awareness, breathing control, and balanced movement.

The focus of Pilates has always been on “functional” or “real world” movement rather than just strengthening muscles. Pilates concentrates on posture, balance, breathing coordination and flexibility instead of building bulk. Pilates works with your body to help you move better. Pilates concentrates on developing your core strength and stability so your movements will be graceful and efficient. It strengthens and stretches all the muscles in your body — the big ones we can see and lots we cant see — and improves mobility and function so you can do everyday activities without pain and discomfort.

Pilates is a whole-body workout that improves posture, increases flexibility, strengthens abdominal muscles, improves coordination and balance, increases breath capacity and helps you relax. Working out with gentle but precise movements can help improve mood and relieve stress. Club Pilates’ instructors will help you learn to move with greater ease through your day while reducing fatigue and tension.

A Mat Pilates Class Workout

Mat Pilates class exercises is what most Pilates for beginners classes begin with. Unlike the reformer or TRX exercises, the mat workout doesn’t require any additional equipment or apparatuses. However, this doesn’t mean that mat Pilates exercises are easy – many people who try Pilates for the first time on a mat still have to learn and adapt to the techniques used during Pilates exercises.

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As your instructor will remind you, breathing plays a crucial role in your mat Pilates class exercises. Breathing from your belly and not your chest allows an influx of oxygen to make your movements easier. By concentrating on your breathing this intently, you may also enjoy benefits of mindfulness, relaxation and a reduction in the amount of stress or anxiety you feel. Over time, you may see this type of thinking become the norm well after your mat Pilates class ends!

It can be difficult to learn and master the core principles of Pilates: concentration, control, precision, breathing, centering and flow. Pilates exercises rely heavily on these principles and by adopting them into your workout, you’re guaranteed better results!

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

Pilates is a workout that focuses on core strength, balance, flexibility and breathing. It uses the Pilates Reformer, a machine that provides resistance to improve your posture, flexibility and strength. The benefits are numerous, ranging from improved posture to greater flexibility and better breathing.

Pilates can improve your balance by increasing your awareness of your body’s position in space. This is accomplished during each exercise through the use of constant feedback from an experienced instructor who guides you through each movement with gentle cues. Regular practice with the Pilates Reformer will enhance your ability to balance yourself correctly throughout your daily routine.

Pilates is a series of exercises designed to firm and strengthen the core muscles in your abdomen, pelvis and back. The movements are done with your body in a “sagittal” plane, meaning that you move forward and backward, but not side to side. The exercises in Pilates focus on the large abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Those muscles support the spine and improve postural alignment.

Pilates also focuses on strengthening the smaller “stabilizer” muscles in your arms, shoulders and buttocks. These muscles work together to keep your joints stable during movement. Pilates helps develop proper alignment, which reduces stress on bones and joints. This can help you avoid injuries such as lower back pain or muscle strains, which often occur when the body is out of alignment. Pilates also increases flexibility by lengthening tight muscles, while strengthening weak ones to improve posture. This can lead to less frequent muscle spasms or pain.

Increased Muscular Indurance

Greater core strength

Improved Flexibility

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Pilates is a well-developed exercise system that can help people of all ages become stronger and healthier. It is designed to work almost all of your body, leading to greater overall strength, posture, alignment and balance.

We provide a range of different class times on various days of the week at our fully-equipped Pilates studios – with locations in Queensland (Noosa, Sippy Downs and North Lakes) as well as a new studio in Perth –  so you can easily tailor your workout program to suit your schedule.

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A 4-Pack Membership is the perfect choice for those looking to supplement an existing training program or for clients who want to work out once per week to build and maintain a solid Pilates foundation.


The 8-Pack Membership makes Club Pilates your go-to workout and the core of a solid fitness routine. Members who attend at least two classes per week typically see great results faster than anticipated and develop a thorough understanding of core Pilates fundamentals.


Plan to work out three times per week or more? The Unlimited Membership is the perfect way to meet your fitness goals. With unlimited access to your favorite Club Pilates studio, you can keep your fitness commitments with ease.


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Mat Pilates Class

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Everybody needs Pilates. And your body will respond best to programming that is specifically built for you. At the start of your Private Training journey, a knowledgeable instructor will evaluate your current physical activity level, injury profile, posture and your overall health to build a Pilates workout to help you achieve your goals. Your instructor will personalize a Pilates practice so you can start moving better, feeling better and living better. Find out what your body needs with a Free Private Training Assessment. Contact the front desk or your favorite instructor to get started.