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Strengthen Your Core with Pilates Exercises

Pilates exercises are fast becoming the preferred workout routine across Australia. Men and women, of all ages and experiences, are reaping the benefits of this low-impact workout that delivers results. Although intense, Pilates exercises help you strengthen your core, which in turn leads to improvements in balance, strength, and flexibility.

The Pilates repertoire, which includes mat and a variety of equipment and props, consists of over 600 exercises and variations. Whether you are pregnant, undergoing rehab or a professional athlete, there is a Pilates exercise for everyone!

Here are some of Club Pilates favourite Pilates exercises…

The Pros and Cons of Pilates Mat Workouts - women doing mat Pilates

Types Of Pilates Exercises

As the first form of Pilates that existed, mat Pilates exercises only require, you, your instructor and your mat!  If you’re thinking of taking part in mat based Pilates exercises, you are in for an exercise that tones, strengthens and burns fat, while boosting your mental health!

Mat Pilates is simpler in comparison to the reformer classes and make use of your body’s weight and gravity in order to work your muscles. 

The reformer is a highly customisable piece of equipment that makes it possible for people of almost any body type to use it to exercise. It’s a great choice for those looking to improve their core stability and achieve good postural alignment. Pilates is also the perfect exercise method for toning up, rehabilitating your body after an injury, or getting a thorough, full-body workout.

Pilates Exercises - Club Pilates instructor helping member
Pilates Exercises - Club Pilates members doing Pilates

Also known as Barre Fusion, Bar Pilates involve high-repetition exercises that focus on the muscles of the legs, abdomen, glutes and arms, resulting in improved strength, posture and stability! Pilates has come a long way from it’s original intended use of treating the ill or injured, and is now globally used as an intense but low-impact workout that provides great results.

A bar Pilates class is a great way to tone your body without putting too much pressure on your joints, making it an effective way to strengthen your core and slim your body without over-exerting yourself.

Most commonly known as the Magic Circle, the Pilates ring is a lightweight fitness tool can be used in every Pilates workout. Much like traditional pilates, ring exercises offer balance, improves range of motion, agility, core strength and improved mental health. 

The Pilates ring is a circular piece of plastic that helps users find their core and helps promote good form in a variety of standing and mat exercises. It contains two expanded handles to help facilitate Pilates exercises. The flexible ring helps to deliver some of the resistance needed to promote a certain degree of muscle toning. 

Club Pilates Magic Circle
pilates exercises - instructor and student

Follow these principles to maximise your results:

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What are the Benefits of Pilates Exercises?

Pilates is a type of exercise akin to yoga that consists of a series of exercises that focus on core strength, posture, balance, and flexibility. As a low-impact workout that provides great results, a Pilates workout is the ideal way to tone your body without putting too much pressure on your joints.

It is famously known for its emphasis on the core – the centre of the body from which all movement stems. Regular Pilates exercises play a key role in decreasing back and hip pain. Pilates trains the deeper abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor to contract and release at the same time. These muscles act as a brace, lifting and supporting the organs while also protecting and stabilizing the back.

Improved posture is the difference between weak, imbalanced muscles, headaches and overall pain. Pilates exercises focus on full-body alignment and promote joint movement and muscle strength. It improves posture by bringing awareness to body alignment and strengthening neglected muscles.

By emphasising on breath over movement, Pilates exercises are a mind-body practice the enhances body awareness. By focusing your attention inward, you have the ability to focus on your body, your emotions and the surrounding environment. Pilates can also down-regulate the nervous system, decreasing your stress over time.

Increased Muscular Indurance

Improved Flexibility

Increased Core Strength

Pilates Exercises

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Pilates is a well-developed exercise system that can help people of all ages become stronger and healthier. It is designed to work almost all of your body, leading to greater overall strength, posture, alignment and balance.

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Everybody needs Pilates. And your body will respond best to programming that is specifically built for you. At the start of your Private Training journey, a knowledgeable instructor will evaluate your current physical activity level, injury profile, posture and your overall health to build a Pilates workout to help you achieve your goals. Your instructor will personalize a Pilates practice so you can start moving better, feeling better and living better. Find out what your body needs with a Free Private Training Assessment. Contact the front desk or your favorite instructor to get started.