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Pilates is a full-body, low-impact workout that can be performed with or without equipment. Designed to build core strength, flexibility and balance bar Pilates in a class that blends elements of ballet, dance, functional strength and mind-body inspired movement.

Also known as Barre Fusion, Bar Pilates involve high-repetition exercises that focus on the muscles of the legs, abdomen, glutes and arms, resulting in improved strength, posture and stability! Pilates has come a long way from it’s original intended use of treating the ill or injured, and is now globally used as an intense but low-impact workout that provides great results. A bar Pilates class is a great way to tone your body without putting too much pressure on your joints, making it an effective way to strengthen your core and slim your body without over-exerting yourself.

We offer our clients a selection of bar Pilates class packages, allowing you to tailor your workout schedule to suit you. Find out more on what bar Pilates can do for you and your health!

What is Bar Pilates?

Developed in the 1920s by the physical trainer Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a mind-body form of exercise designed to promote strength, stability and flexibility. Borrowing methodology from disciplines such as dance and yoga, it has quickly become a popular form of exercise among dancers but appeals to a wider audience as well.

Bar Pilates is a unique blend of Pilates principles, strength training, barre and high-energy workouts that make you feel graceful, flexible and strong. Each class involves resistance exercises, flexibility training and cardio exercises, performed with precision and concentration.

Unlike traditional Pilates, bar workouts include segments of higher intensity cardio that raise your heart rate, while still emphasising low-impact moves.


Common Bar Pilates Exercises

The Pilates technique values quality over quantity. By performing functional movement patterns with precision can achieve significant results in a shorter amount of time.

Some common bar exercises include:

Bar Pilates is an effective workout that is accessible to everyone at any level of fitness! Are you looking for a gentle workout? Book your next Pilates class below!

The Benefits Of Bar Pilates

A Fully Body Workout

Much like traditional Pilates, bar Pilates exercises improves your posture through focus on core strength, optimal joint alignment and improved balance. A Pilates class is an excellent method to tone your body without placing too much strain on your joints, making it an efficient approach to strengthen your core and trim your body without overexerting yourself.

Practicing bar Pilates exercises builds, sculpts and lengthens your muscles and can leave you looking slimmer and more toned. As you progress in your practice you will notice improvements in breathing, focus, stress management, and body awareness.

Not only does it help build a strong, balanced body and increases flexibility, but bar Pilates asks you to focus inward. You are encouraged to focus on your actions and how they make you feel, to pay attention to your breathing, and to adjust accordingly. This mind-body connection helps you to become more aware of your body and learn things about it that you were previously unaware of.

Increased Muscular Indurance

Increased Core Strength

Improved Flexibility

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Getting The Most Our Of Bar Pilates

Core-Driven Pilates Exercises

As your instructor will remind you, breathing plays a crucial role in your bar Pilates class exercises. By concentrating on your breathing, you may also enjoy benefits of mindfulness, relaxation and a reduction in the amount of stress or anxiety you feel. Over time, you may see this type of thinking become the norm well after your bar Pilates class ends!

It can be difficult to learn and master the core principles of Pilates: concentration, control, precision, breathing, centering and flow. Bar Pilates exercises rely heavily on these principles and by adopting them into your workout, you’re guaranteed better results!

Listen To Your Breath

Learning to breathe fully is one of the core principles of Pilates. Learning the techniques to control and improve your breath is one of the greatest links between the mind and body. Focusing and taking control of your breathing allows you to become more aware of the present moment and mindful of your body’s movements.

Additionally, being aware of the way you are breathing will also improve the way you perform the exercise itself. This ensures you are receiving the maximum benefit of each exercise.

Listen To Your Body

Pilates is a mind-body-spirit discipline that combines stability and mobility exercises with an emphasis on the powerhouse (abdominal, back, and buttock) muscles. No matter your experience level, Pilates shouldn’t be painful. It takes time to develop the strength and body awareness to perform the exercises successfully. 

Modifications can easily be made to make challenging movements more accessible, while still retaining the integrity of the practice. Listen to your body and if something feels wrong to you or too much for you on any given day, adapt or skip that exercise. 

Less Is More

It is common to go to extreme lengths when we exercise because it makes us “feel: like we are working harder. However, like most things in life, less is more. Focusing on detail rather than movement makes for a more nuanced session and greater body awareness.

Understanding where a movement comes from and how it works is the essence of bar Pilates exercises. The goal of many of these exercises is not to create the biggest movements, but to remain steady in the core, despite the movement and action.

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Pilates is a well-developed exercise system that can help people of all ages become stronger and healthier. It is designed to work almost all of your body, leading to greater overall strength, posture, alignment and balance.

Beginner Pilates classes can help you learn how to control your breathing and movements to get the best results from your workouts.

We provide a range of different class times on various days of the week at our fully-equipped Pilates studio, so you can easily tailor your workout program to suit your schedule. Book your Club Pilates class today!


A 4-Pack Membership is the perfect choice for those looking to supplement an existing training program or for clients who want to work out once per week to build and maintain a solid Pilates foundation.


The 8-Pack Membership makes Club Pilates your go-to workout and the core of a solid fitness routine. Members who attend at least two classes per week typically see great results faster than anticipated and develop a thorough understanding of core Pilates fundamentals.


Plan to work out three times per week or more? The Unlimited Membership is the perfect way to meet your fitness goals. With unlimited access to your favorite Club Pilates studio, you can keep your fitness commitments with ease.


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Bar Pilates Exercises

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Everybody needs Pilates. And your body will respond best to programming that is specifically built for you. At the start of your Private Training journey, a knowledgeable instructor will evaluate your current physical activity level, injury profile, posture and your overall health to build a Pilates workout to help you achieve your goals. Your instructor will personalize a Pilates practice so you can start moving better, feeling better and living better. Find out what your body needs with a Free Private Training Assessment. Contact the front desk or your favorite instructor to get started.