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Our Pilates studio in North Lakes, Brisbane, is the ideal place to start your journey with this fantastic body conditioning routine. We offer a huge range of classes at our fully equipped studio for students who are new to Pilates or who have done it before. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any ability level or fitness goal that you have – be it beginner or advanced!

At our studio, we provide all of the equipment necessary so there is nothing more you need than yourself! This means you can attend any time and focus on what matters most – your health and well-being. Our highly trained teachers will help you achieve your goals with friendly service throughout your entire experience with us at Club Pilates North Lakes. We also love sharing our passion for Pilates with anyone who is interested in learning more.

Pilates uses a combination of strength and flexibility to help you achieve a strong, toned body with improved posture. This low-impact exercise is fantastic for those who have been injured as it can be done at any fitness level. It also gives the mind and body connection that makes exercising so much more beneficial to your life overall. Pilates is almost like meditation as you focus on controlling your breath which helps you relax and clear your head!

Many people also claim to have better joint movement after doing this class regularly which means they have less chance of injury when engaging in other forms of fitness. Pilates promotes core strength which will help improve performance across a range of sports or activities including swimming, surfing, golfing, dance or yoga.

All of our Pilates classes and times are listed online so you can easily book in advance and be sure not to miss out! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Pilates was developed by the physical trainer Joseph Pilates, from whom the practice takes its name, and was originally intended to improve one’s strength and core in an effort to fight illnesses or injury.

The Pilates practice has become popular since its introduction in the 1920s and is practiced all around the world today. It is a form of low-impact exercise that works your body and aims to strengthen your muscles and core while also improving flexibility and balance. Unlike many exercises, Pilates requires you to move slowly and precisely while making use of proper breathing.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Pilates

Pilates has come a long way from it’s original intended use of treating the ill or injured, and is now globally used as an intense but low-impact workout that provides great results. Pilates is a great way to tone your body without putting too much pressure on your joints, making it an effective way to strengthen your core without over-exerting yourself.

In order to truly benefit from the exercise and enjoy the benefits it provides, it’s important to master the necessary techniques, such as your breathing, which plays a very important role in your workout.

A Pilates class involving the mat will aid you in strengthening your body’s core, which are your abdominal, lower back, pelvic floor, hip, and glute muscles. The workout builds, sculpts, and lengthens these muscles and can leave you looking more toned. Pilates is also great for improving your body’s flexibility and posture!

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The reformer, which was also developed by Joseph Pilates, is a type of Pilates exercise apparatus that can arguably provide a more intense workout than mat Pilates exercises. It is a bed-like frame with a flat platform, called the carriage, on top which rolls backward and forward on wheels. There is also a footbar at the end of the reformer which is adjustable and holds springs. At the top of the frame, opposite the footbar, there are also some straps with handles that you can place your feet or hands into, depending on the exercise.

The reformer is a highly customisable piece of equipment that makes it possible for people of almost any body type to use it to exercise. It’s a great choice for those looking to improve their core stability and achieve good postural alignment. It’s also perfect for toning up, rehabilitating your body after an injury, or getting a thorough, full-body workout.

Increased Muscular Indurance

Stronger core strength

Improved Flexibility

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Pilates is a well-developed exercise system that can help people of all ages become stronger and healthier. It is designed to work almost all of your body, leading to greater overall strength, posture, alignment and balance.

We are passionate about Pilates and the real health benefits that can be tapped into, which has been translated into, what we believe, is Australias’ most beautiful and well equipped Pilates Studio. We provide a range of different class times on various days of the week at our fully-equipped Pilates studio, so you can easily tailor your workout program to suit your schedule. Book your Club Pilates class today, or take a look at our membership options below.


A 4-Pack Membership is the perfect choice for those looking to supplement an existing training program or for clients who want to work out once per week to build and maintain a solid Pilates foundation.


The 8-Pack Membership makes Club Pilates your go-to workout and the core of a solid fitness routine. Members who attend at least two classes per week typically see great results faster than anticipated and develop a thorough understanding of core Pilates fundamentals.


Plan to work out three times per week or more? The Unlimited Membership is the perfect way to meet your fitness goals. With unlimited access to your favorite Club Pilates studio, you can keep your fitness commitments with ease.


You don’t want to deal with monthly dues – you just want to work out. Our prepaid Annual Membership is the hassle-free option for total access to your favorite Club Pilates studio without monthly payments. Commit to your Pilates program for an entire year!

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Everybody needs Pilates. And your body will respond best to programming that is specifically built for you. At the start of your Private Training journey, a knowledgeable instructor will evaluate your current physical activity level, injury profile, posture and your overall health to build a Pilates workout to help you achieve your goals. Your instructor will personalize a Pilates practice so you can start moving better, feeling better and living better. Find out what your body needs with a Free Private Training Assessment. Contact the front desk or your favorite instructor to get started.