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Club Pilates has a fully equipped Pilates studio in Sippy Downs that offers Pilates classes for all levels. We offer regular Pilates classes from Monday to Sunday, so whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced individual looking to take your Pilate practice further, we have got what you need.

The key benefits of Pilates include strengthening of the core, increased flexibility and improved posture. Pilates classes are suitable for all levels, meaning that whether you are looking to take your Pilates practice further or just hoping to get into Pilates for the first time, Club Pilates has the studio for you.

Our Pilates studio is equipped with Pilates equipment including

  • Reformer Pilates equipment
  • Pilates Tower
  • Pilates Chair
  • Pilates Ladder Barrels & Various Resistance Bands.
We are opened Monday to Sunday. For an updated timetable of classes, check out our schedule here. Feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions regarding our Pilates studio.
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Choose A Class That Suits You

There are a variety of Pilates classes that can be held at our studio, though the principles and foundations of the exercise remain the same regardless of which you may do. These classes implement the mat and reformer apparatus. A mat class requires nothing more than you, a mat and your instructor. These classes are simple and make use of your body’s weight and gravity in order to work your muscles.

A reformer class makes use of modern versions of the equipment Joseph Pilates designed a hundred years ago and provides a more challenging workout. In addition to your own body weight and gravity, you will also have the resistance of the equipment to incorporate into your workout.

Level 1 Foundation

Ideal for beginners who want a safe and effective class experience to build a solid Pilates foundation. Focus on form and alignment to help you master Pilates fundamentals, so you can get the most out of your workout as you advance. This class is ideal for all fitness levels, is easily modified for those with physical limitations, and focuses on overall body awareness.

ClubPilates_Icons_Level One Point Five
Level 1.5 Progression

Continue to build your practice with more complex movements and use of equipment. Start exploring more precise and dynamic exercises. Class tempo is moderate and focuses on a steady class flow. Intermediate exercises and coordinated movements are introduced, along with progressions and balance and stability challenges to give you a more demanding workout.

*Club Pilates Level 1 FOUNDATIONS experience required.

Level 2 Evolution

An inspiring and uplifting class that will fully challenge the body and mind. This moderate to fast paced class incorporates quick transitions and will introduce you to more advanced exercises and use of the apparatus. Focused on strength, in addition to balance and stability, this class creates dynamic challenges to elevate your practice.

*Club Pilates Level 1.5 PROGRESSION experience required.

ClubPilates_Icons_Level Two Point Five
Level 2.5 Mastery

Our most advanced class level challenges precision and coordination and is perfect for those who have mastered form and alignment. These advanced Pilates movements are best achieved with a deep mind-body connection created from your experience in the proceeding foundational class levels.

*Requires at least 3 months experience in Club Pilates Level 2 EVOLUTION, or prior instructor approval. Not recommended for those with physical limitations.

Reserve Your Class Today

Book a free 30-minute Introductory Class to walk through the basics of Pilates and familiarize yourself with the specialized studio equipment. All fitness levels are welcome in our studios.

Fully Equipped Studio in Sippy Downs

About Our Studios

Using the latest reformers and equipment from leading brands like Body Balance and TRX, along with a premium setup and stunning fixtures, every Club Pilates studio will be the place you have always wanted to work out at.

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Our Classes

Each Club Pilates Studio has access to over 200 hours of quality certified routines for its instructors to create classes tailoring to select needs.
We are passionate about Pilates and the real health benefits that can be tapped into, which has been translated into, what we believe, is Australia’s’ most beautiful and well equipped Pilates studios.

Our Instructors

Club Pilates instructors are focused on delivering top quality classes to help all clients achieve their desired result in a safe yet challenging manner.

They are highly trained and certified with many holding Degrees and Diploma’s in various areas of health and well-being, we aim to provide you with an experience of the highest calibre.

Join us to experience the difference of Club Pilates. We look forward to welcoming you into our beautiful space where you can transform both your body and your mind. Sign up or try a free class now!

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Private Training at Club Pilates

Everybody needs Pilates. And your body will respond best to programming that is specifically built for you. At the start of your Private Training journey, a knowledgeable instructor will evaluate your current physical activity level, injury profile, posture and your overall health to build a Pilates workout to help you achieve your goals. Your instructor will personalize a Pilates practice so you can start moving better, feeling better and living better. Find out what your body needs with a Free Private Training Assessment. Contact the front desk or your favorite instructor to get started.